What's Your One-Word Theme for 2018?

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It's a new year, a new you and a new era for *your* business. What's it going to be this go around the sun?

Are you looking to expand your market, increase supply, hire your first employee, bring in brand-new clients or take over the world?

If the answer to any of the above mentioned possibilites is "YES!", we've got some great reading for you. Check out these recent QB Community articles:


 Do some future tripping with us right here in the QB Community! Tell us what you see for your 2018 in the comments below :-)



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New/Fresh referring to a fresh start of a New Year! 

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Latin for Unfaltering


Wishing everyone in the community a happy, fullfilling, prosperous and PERPETUA year 2018

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What does Genshai mean, @SBSL-Founder-SJ?

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google is your friend,


Genshai - an ancient Hindi word that means. “you should NEVER treat yourself or another person in a manner that makes one feel small.”


Mystic way of saying, treat others as you wish to be treated

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Mine is a phrase - 歯を食いしばれ


"Grit your teeth." Life philosophy.

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@ShanaNiederman - I was 'beat to the punch' ( have been in the midst of a massive & much overdue home office reclamation x reorganization project ) - however, that answer above is spot on. While I am not mystical in any way, I DO believe wholeheartedly in the concept. It is a HIGH bar at times, when you're talking and interacting generally with so many individuals.