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Fix QuickBooks Desktop Update Errors

The following instructions provide general troubleshooting information for fixing update errors in QuickBooks for Desktop. For information on specific errors, enter the error number or error message in the Search field at the top of this page.

QuickBooks Desktop update errors can be caused by one of the following:

General Internet connectivity issues

Perform the steps below if there is no specific error message or if the error is one of the following;


Solution 1:  Check the system date and time on the computer.

  1. Right click on the clock in the bottom right corner of your desktop screen and select Adjust Date/Time.
  2. Click Change date and time and choose today's date and time.
  3. Click OK twice.
  4. Close then reopen QuickBooks Desktop.
  5. Update QuickBooks Desktop.

Solution 2:  Check your Internet Connection Settings.

  1. Test your secure Internet connection by opening a Web browser and going to Chase banking.
    • If you cannot open the Chase banking page, you will not be able to get updates from QuickBooks. Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for support.
    • If you can view this Web site, start QuickBooks and continue with the following steps.
  2. Choose Help > Internet Connection Setup.
  3. Select Use my computer's Internet connection settings to establish a connection when this application accesses the Internet, and click Next.
  4. Click Advanced Connection Settings.
  5. On the Advanced tab, click the Restore Advanced Settings button.
  6. Click OK then Done.
  7. Update QuickBooks Desktop.
  • If you use a dial-up connection, verify that the minimum connection speed is 28.8 kilobits per second (Kb/s).
  • If you use America On line (AOL), log on to AOL with the master login name, if possible, and be sure that the Parental Controls settings are not enabled. For more information, see AOL's online support.
  • If you use a download accelerator, it can interfere with the download process. Before downloading updates, be sure to disable the download accelerator. Contact your ISP for more information.

Internet security or personal firewall application settings

Verify the configuration of your Internet security and personal firewall software settings. Ports 80 and 443 must be enabled, and access must be provided to the following files:

Set the specific firewall ports for your version of QuickBooks Desktop:

  • AutoBackupExe.exe
  • Dbmlsync.exe
  • DBManagerExe.exe
  • FileManagement.exe
  • FileMovementExe.exe
  • IntuitSyncManager.exe
  • QBCFMonitorService.exe
  • QBDBMgr.exe
  • QBDBMgrN.exe
  • QBGDSPlugin.exe
  • QBLaunch.exe
  • QBServerUtilityMgr.exe
  • QBW32.exe
  • QuickBooksMessaging.exe

Note: If all these ports are used by some other processes (which is very unlikely), then a fallback port, 56719, would be used for the QuickBooks Database server.

IMPORTANT: Because of the complexity and number of available firewall programs, Intuit cannot provide support for specific firewall issues. If you need further assistance configuring your firewall, check with your system or network administrator, the vendor from whom you purchased the firewall software or hardware, the manufacturer's or software developer's Web site, or a local computer consultant.

Multiple instances of QuickBooks on the same computer

Update errors can occur if you have more than one installation of QuickBooks of the same version year installed on the same computer
Example: QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 18.0 and QuickBooks Premier 2018
If this happens, download and install a manual update for one or more versions of QuickBooks.