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Freezing issues during export from QuickBooks Online to Desktop

Fix freezing issues when trying to export a QuickBooks Online data into Desktop.

Freezing after selecting the "Download" button

Note: It is normal for this dialogue box to never change while it downloads the export company file. However, we recommend saving the export company file to your Desktop to avoid system specific permission issues.

  1. Check the folder where the file is saved at, to make sure it's still downloading.
  2. Refresh the Folder window to see if KBs are increasing in number.
  3. If they are, then everything is working as designed.

Freezing after selecting the "Convert Now" button

  1. Check the QBW.TLG file to see if it is increasing in size.
  2. After selecting the "Convert Now" button, open the folder where the file is saved at.
    Note: To easily find the file: Select the Date Modified column to bring the .QBW files on top of the list.
  3. Check the QBW.TLG file to make sure it is increasing in size. You may have to refresh the window to see if it's increase every couple minutes or so.

What if I can't find the Dialogue Boxes?

  1. Minimize all open windows on your computer.
  2. If you don't see a dialogue box, check QuickBooks Online. If you've been logged out from inactivity, it means the export has completed.
  3. Sign Back in (if necessary) or you should automatically see a page that says you've completed the process.
  4. Scroll down so you can see the bottom right corner of the browser window and then select Finished.

Additional Recommendations

  • We recommend you compare the Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet reports for All Dates and Accrual Basis even if you normally run in Cash Basis.
  • These reports may not necessarily match due to the differences in what QuickBooks Online and Desktop consider paid.
  • See Export limitations for more information.