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Install QuickBooks Desktop

Learn how to install QuickBooks Desktop.

Installing QuickBooks Desktop is quick and easy. View our short video for more details.


Before you proceed, check these system requirements to make sure your computer is compatible with QuickBooks Desktop.

Installing QuickBooks Desktop

  1. Download QuickBooks Desktop.
    Note: If the installation doesn't automatically start, double-click the installer file (e.g. QuickBooksPro2018.exe) to continue.
  2. Select Yes to All.
  3. Select Next.
  4. Agree to the Software License Agreement, then select Next.
  5. Enter your License and Product numbers, then select Next.
  6. Select the type of installation for the computer.
    • Option 1: Express: this allows the installer to make the recommended choices for you. If you choose this option, skip to Step 9.
    • Option 2: Custom and Network Options: choose this if you'll be using multiple versions of QuickBooks Desktop on the computer or if you'll use QuickBooks to share data with other users on a network.
  7. Select where you will be using QuickBooks.
    • Option 1: I'll be using QuickBooks on this computer.
    • Option 2: I'll be using QuickBooks on this computer, and I'll be storing our company file here so it can be shared over our network.
    • Option 3: I won't be using QuickBooks on this computer. I will be storing our company file on this computer so it can be shared over a network.
  8. Choose a new install location or select Next to install to the default directory.
  9. Select Install.
  10. Select Open QuickBooks to get started.
  11. Activate QuickBooks and you're all set.

After installation, you can move your old QuickBooks data or create new QuickBooks company file.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up a multi-user environment?

If it's your first time to install and use QuickBooks in a mutli-user or network environment, set up QuickBooks Desktop for multi-user.

How do I host my company data on a server network?

For detailed information on QuickBooks Desktop hosting, host your company data file in multi-user mode.

How do I update my data to a new version of QuickBooks Desktop?

Your data from an earlier version of QuickBooks will update automatically the first time you open the company file in a new version of QuickBooks. Before doing so, QuickBooks automatically backs up the company file in its current version format so you can revert back to the previous version of QuickBooks if you need to.

I have multiple versions of QuickBooks Desktop. Can I merge or combine the company files?

No, QuickBooks company files can't be merged or combined.

Where is my QuickBooks Desktop company data file?

Default QuickBooks company file location: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Intuit\QuickBooks\Company Files

However, company files can be manually saved anywhere on your hard drive. Checkout Display hidden files and folders or search for files using Windows for detailed information.

What if I have been using Attached Documents?

  • If you've been using Attached Documents, ensure that the Attach folder and your company file are in the same location prior to upgrading your company file to the new version of QuickBooks.
  • If the Attach folder is not in the same location as your company file, the links within your company file will be broken and you will need to re-attach any documents you previously used.

Can I install QuickBooks Desktop on Linux or Macintosh?