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Part direct deposit, part paycheck

Is there a way to directly deposit an amount and get a check for the balance?

QuickBooks Team

Re: Part direct deposit, part paycheck

Hi there Mott,


I'd like to share what I know about paying an employee in QuickBooks Online.


In QuickBooks Online, you only have the ability to process a payroll transaction using one payment method only. If you want this feature to be available soon, I suggest sending feedback directly to our product engineers. This will give them an idea on what features/options they need to include in future updates.


Here's how to send feedback:


1. Click the Gear icon.

2. Select Feedback.

3. Enter your feedback.

4. Click Next.

5. Send your feedback.


I'm here anytime you need help with your payroll. Let me know by leaving a comment below and I'll get back to you.

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Re: Part direct deposit, part paycheck


This might be able to help you out. 

Try this:



Go to the Employee profile, Click the pencil next to Pay.

Go down to the Payroll section, Edit the Deduction section. Add a deduction item called Split Paycheck (or Whatever you like). This will create an Other Current Liabilites account.

Add the amount that you need to be in paper check for every week.

This will take taxes out of the whole amount, before the deductions come out.  Now, run your payroll, making sure that it is set to direct deposit.

After your payroll is run, you need to create a check for the employee, list the employees name, then use the payroll liabilities account as the account for the check. Enter the amount that you entered into the deduction rate line and print the check.

You’re all set. Smiley Happy


Re: Part direct deposit, part paycheck

Hi, @Mott - Welcome to the QB Community!


I am glad you came to this platform for help! Smiley Happy 


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