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Overall Profitability - How do I know!?

Hello All...


I need a little guidance? Advice? Real time experiences? I am a small, yet growing, freight brokerage office started in 10/17. I have a constant need to know how we are doing? Are we growing? When can I give myself a raise?


I am a report/numbers kind of guy, just cant see it and think it has to be in QB somewhere. I have 3 employees paid as such and 2 partners total (members of the LLC) which are being paid as "member draws" right now.


Is there a report where I can see all of this? Can I customize existing P&L maybe, to show all of this? I have a solid handle on monthly expenses and revenue fluctuates a little. I am also looking for a way to gauge how the month is going "real time"? **NOTE** 2019 may be easier as we will change to Chapter S election and will pay everyone as employees.


Thoughts? Ideas? Am I looking for too much? TIA



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Re: Overall Profitability - How do I know!?

Hi Bill,


For clients that love reports I always suggest using the 'Classes' and 'Locations' tracker on QuickBooks Online as it allows you to pull off great reports. The classes function is especially useful as you can track income and expenses on a line by line basis. 


You can customise reports which you can take a look on how to do here: 


I hope this helps a little. Without seeing how your QuickBooks profile it is hard for me to get into specifics! 


Kind Regards,




Re: Overall Profitability - How do I know!?

Thanks so much for providing feedback on this @EmilyMockett!


Hi, @BillP, I hope you're well. I would love to learn more about what you do in the comments below! Smiley Happy 


Also, in regards to your queries, 


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