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A paid bill or invoice shows on report or window of open transactions

Open transactions report is a generic term for a report or window designed to show only open (Example: unpaid transactions). These transactions record debits or credits to Accounts Receivable or Accounts Payable. They include:

  • Open Invoices Report
  • A/R Ageing Summary
  • A/R Ageing Detail
  • Unpaid Bills Report
  • A/P Ageing Summary
  • A/P Ageing Detail
  • A Transaction Summary or Detail report filtered for Paid Status = Open
  • Reminders List
  • Customer Snapshot
  • The Income Tracker

When accrual transactions such as bills or invoices are paid, they should NOT show on these reports/windows. If they do, it is likely because QuickBooks does not recognise that the transactions are already paid because:

  • a bill credit or bill payment is entered but not applied to a bill.
  • a credit note or payment is entered but not applied to an invoice.

The following may also cause paid transactions to appear on open transactions report:

  • Ageing report preferences are incorrect.
  • Terms set for a bill or invoice are incorrect or terms are set up incorrectly in the Terms List.
  • The date on your server or on your workstation are set incorrectly.
  • The Bill Payment is dated after the date range of the report.
  • Either one or both of the transactions or the link between them is damaged.

How to fix it

To resolve the issue, check one of the following:

If the issue remains unresolved after checking everything, one or both of the transactions, or the link between them, may be damaged. Try to resolve data damage issues (basic troubleshooting).

Note that data damage of this type is often not fixed by either basic data damage utilities or the Automated Tools. Be sure to attempt the Manual Tools.