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Access your Merchant Services account FAQs

Please refer to the following if you have questions about the security of your Merchant Services account.


I need to confirm my account another way. What should I do?

The fastest way to confirm your account is through the confirmation code sent by text or email. Alternative options for changing your account details will require additional verification to confirm that any changes made are authorized by you. Check out our frequently asked questions page for more info about multi-factor authentication.
If you no longer have access to the email address that is currently associated with your account, please submit a request to Intuit to update your email address. Get started.

Why do I have to enter a confirmation code when I make changes to my account?

Your finances are serious business. Passwords are not as secure as they used to be and if someone gets your password, they can access your account and make changes that you did not authorize. Having a strong password doesn't completely protect you, but multi-factor authentication solves this. This is why we have added an extra layer of security to protect your account.
This extra security means that any time you try to change your account sign-in information or other important details about your account, you may be asked to log in again and you will be asked to enter a one-time confirmation code sent to your email or mobile phone to ensure that it is really you who is changing your information.

Does this mean that someone tried to hack my account?

No. This extra layer of security has been implemented as an industry best practice for all of Intuit's products. Protecting your data and privacy is our #1 priority. We use the same encryption and security measures as major banking institutions.
Note: Additional information regarding the security feature in Intuit products, please see: QuickBooks Online Login Verification Code (Multi-Factor Authentication)