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Cancel an Online Bill Pay subscription

Learn how to cancel your Online Bill Pay subscription in Quickbooks Online.

In this article, we'll tell you how to cancel your Online Bill Pay subscription.

Cancel your Bill Pay subscription

Before you cancel your subscription, please make sure you don’t have any pending transactions. Once you're ready, follow these steps to cancel Online Bill Pay.

  1. On the Pay Bills Online page select the Gear icon. Then, Cancel Subscription.
  2. Choose your cancelation reason.
  3. Select Cancel now.
  4. You'll receive an email once the cancelation is complete.

Pending payments

If you cancel your subscription, and still have pending payments, you'll receive an email with the appropriate information and instructions on your next steps.

Uncashed checks — A list of uncashed checks will be emailed to you. You'll  have the option to re-enroll in Bill Pay to void the payments or wait for them to clear. Respond to that email to complete the cancelation.

Returned checks — These transactions are voided and remitted by the Bill Pay team. Your subscription is deactivated once the remittance clears. Then a list of voided and remitted payments will be emailed to you.

Uncleared ePayments/Bank Transfers — A list of uncleared ePaymemts/bank transfers will be emailed to you. Once these transactions are cleared, you will receive a confirmation email.

Still need assistance? Select the Support bubble icon on the Pay Bills Online page and contact us at the number displayed.