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Intuit check processing options

Learn about the different check processing options available through Intuit QuickBooks Payments.

Check Solutions for QuickBooks

Scan or key-enter your checks right inside your QuickBooks. You can also key-enter your checks on any computer where you have access to the internet.

Online Application


  • You may call us at 1-800-558-9558 or visit the online service center for help or to make changes to your account.
Important Disclosures
  • Check scanning is not compatible with QuickBooks Online.
  • Make sure your scanner is TWAIN compliant.
  • The scanner must be connected to your QuickBooks computer via USB. QuickBooks does not accept scanners connected over the network via LAN or WIFI.
  • Checks entered directly at the online service center are considered up front/ ACH transactions and do not sync back to QuickBooks. If you use QuickBooks, you must manually record these transactions.
  • This service does not have check guarantee or recurring checks. You must enter the checking account information every time you process a check. QuickBooks does not store a customer’s checking account information.
  • Check/ACH processing batches automatically at 3PM PST.
  • Only personal check can be scanned into QuickBooks. Any business checks will need to be processed as an eCheck and keyed in to be processed.
  • We provide you the check funds according to your funding period. If a check is returned from your customer's bank we will debit back the funds you received initially and you will be charged a $10 return fee at the end of the month. We will attempt to debit your customer up to three times. You are not charged any additional return fees if the second or third presentments are returned. If you signed up for agency collections during the application, any check that is not settled by Intuit Payment Solutions will be transferred to a collection service that may make additional presentments to your customer's bank.