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Merge QuickBooks customers to resolve problems integrating with QuickBooks payments

Merge QuickBooks customers to resolve problems integrating with a QuickBooks payments account.

IMPORTANT: Perform a data check within QuickBooks to ensure that there are no problems with the company file, see Verify and Rebuild Data in QuickBooks Desktop for more info.

You may need to merge names in your Customer List if:

  • Customer(s) will not integrate correctly with ReBill or into the Sync Manager.
  • Verify or Rebuild detect duplicate names.
  • A customer name does not flow to reports or to transactions correctly.
  • You need to reduce the number of names on your customer list and you have customers whom you no longer use.
  • If some older QuickBooks customers cannot have payments processed for them, but new customers can have payments processed for them. (This could be due to a corrupted customer in the Customer List, merging the old customer into the new one will resolve this issue)

The following are the thing that you are not allowed to do when merging:

  • Undo a merge. Only certain data goes from one customer to the other so it is most important that your create a backup of the company data file before attempting to merge list elements.
  • Merge a name that is a job. You must first remove the job from the customer.
  • Merge a customer that has jobs.
  • Merge more than two names at a time.


  • Resort your lists and run the Rebuild Data Utility before merging names.
  • Always merge an old name into a new name ( i.e., change an old customer's name to match the name of the new customer).

Merge the name of your QuickBooks customers

1. Create a NEW customer in QuickBooks that is similar to but slightly different from the existing problematic customer (and does not duplicate any existing customers in QuickBooks).

User-added image

2. Close QuickBooks and run Sync Mgr Sync Now .

3. Open QuickBooks and confirm the NEW customer appears in ReBill and create a recurring charge with similar values as the problem customer mentioned above.

4. Then, go to QuickBooks and merge the OLD customer in to the NEW customer to bring the OLD customer's history in to the NEW customer. Do this by renaming the OLD Customer Name (top field) in QuickBooks, to match the NEW Customer Name exactly.
If done correctly the message should appear "This name is already being used. Would you like to merge them?". Select Yes to complete the merge.
NOTE: Be sure to not merge the NEW customer into the OLD or the problem will re-occur).

User-added image

5. Close QuickBooks and run the Sync Mgr again to complete the process. The problem that was previously associated with the OLD customer should no longer exist.

6. Repeat these steps for all QuickBooks customers that are having a problem in ReBill.

NOTE: When running Sync Mgr (Sync Now), it is advisable to have QuickBooks completely shut down including the process in the Task Manager to be sure there are no extraneous influences. Once resolved, this should not no longer be required.