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My account has been suspended

Why has my account been suspended and how do I update my payment details?  If you recently received a service notice email referencing account suspension please sign in to QuickBooks Online, select the Gear icon, then Account and Settings in the upper right corner and from here you can update your payment details.

In addition please find below our FAQs.

Q:  Why are you suspending my account?
A:   We have not been able to bill your monthly QuickBooks Online subscription because we do not have valid payment details on file.

Q:  How do I update my payment details so I can continue using QuickBooks Online?
A:  Go to the Gear icon, then Accounts and Settings in the upper right and you will see instructions for how to easily update your payment details.

Q:  Will you charge me for prior months and what will I get charged?
A:  We will not charge you for prior months where you received QuickBooks Online for free.  On the Accounts and Settings (or Your Account) page where you update your payment details, you will see exactly how much you will get charged.  This charge will depend on which QuickBooks Online service you are using and where you are in the billing month.

Q:  What does it mean to suspend my account?
A:  This means you can only use QuickBooks Online in view only access mode.  You can still read all your company data but you cannot add or edit data.  You can reactive your account at any time once you update your payment details.

Q:  Who can update the payment details?
A:  Only the Master Administrator can update the payment details using the Master Administrator Log on.