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Point of Sale Applies Coupons to All Items on Receipt

What you may be experiencing:

Point of Sale will create a coupon bar code to give discounts to specific customers for specific items. The Price Manager doesn't allow the option to choose if we would like the coupon to only apply to a specific item, or to to all items on a Sales Receipt. Many retailers do not want coupons to apply to all items.

For example: When a retailer sells three apples at $5 each with a $1 discount coupon, Point of Sale will apply the coupon to all three apples rather than applying the coupon to only one apple. This will make the total for the sale $12 instead of $14.

What you can try now:

As a workaround:

  • Once the coupon discount has already been set up
    • Go to the Make a Sale and scan the item(s) that the coupon applies to
  • Point of Sale will place the item(s) on the first line
  • Scan or enter the coupon code
  • Scan the item again so that POS will generate a 2nd line item
  • Modify the qty of the 2nd line item as needed
  • Point of Sale will apply the coupon code only on the first line item

Current Status:

Currently we are looking at larger impact issues that affect a larger group of people. This issue may be addressed later on if time permits or the impact becomes larger.