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Recurring Payments

With exciting new features that will help you save time and work faster than before, creating a recurring charge and managing payments has never been this easy!

What's new in Recurring Payments?

After you migrate from ACCB (Automatic Credit Card Billing), enjoy a fresh look and feel along with some new features when you set up a recurring charge.

To set up a recurring charge, go to Customers then select Credit Card Processing Activities > Set Up Recurring Charges.

On this page, you can:

  • Experience improved search. Find customers by entering any part of their name. Searching for “do” will now find “Dorothy Smith” as well as “John Doe” and “Ricardo Powell".
  • Create a recurring charge with ease. Set up recurring charges for existing customers, or add a new customer — all in one place.
  • Use new Invoice Options. Create recurring charges and record payments using Itemized List and Amount Only options.
  • Auto-detect card type. No need to select the card type in the form. Automatically detects card type based on the number.
  • Automatically send emails. Send automatic email notifications to customers when you set up a recurring payment and when the payment is processed. Select the option for Notify my customer that I setup this recurring payment.

Easily manage recurring payments

After you set up recurring charges, you can view and edit them through the Manage Recurring Payments page, which features a report of all the recurring items you set up.

To open the Manage Recurring Payments page, go to the menu bar on any page and choose Customers then Credit Card Processing Activities > Set Up Recurring Payments.

On the Manage Recurring Payments window, you can:

  • Find a recurring payment. Find recurring payment details with the Search box. Start typing a name, description, or any text associated with that recurring payment. As soon as you start typing, the list automatically filters to show instances where it found the text you entered. This text could exist in any field and appear anywhere within the field.
  • Edit recurring charges. Change the amount, update a customer's name, address, credit card number, or card expiration date.
    1. Select the customer name to view details.
    2. Locate the section that contains the information you want and select that section's Edit link.User-added image
    3. Make the desired changes. You may edit the following information:
      • Customer contact information
      • Amount
      • Description
      • Start Date only if the Start Date is still in the future (tomorrow or later). If this field is not editable, it means the start date is passed, and you can't change it.
      • Frequency only if the current frequency is monthly or yearly.
      • End Date You can change the End Date to tomorrow or any day after that. You can even change the End Date of expired payments. But, you can't edit the End Date for payments with frequency set to Once.
      • Credit card number
      • Credit card expiration date
      • Cardholder name and billing address
  • Delete. To remove a record entirely, delete it. Within the Manage Recurring Payments list, go to the Status column, click the drop-down arrow and select Delete.
  • Suspend. Suppose a customer has a magazine subscription and will be out of town for a month. You can suspend the subscription for that month and resume it when they return. To do this, go to the Status column, click the drop-down arrow and select Suspend.
  • Resume a suspended recurring payment. Say your customer returns from vacation and wants to resume your services. To do this, go to the Status column, click the drop-down arrow and select Suspend.
  • See recurring payments that have expired. To do this, select Display Expired Entries.
  • Choose the number of records you want to display on a page. Go to View and from the drop-down, choose the number of records to display.
  • Print the report. Go to the top of the list and select Actions > Print.
  • Export to Microsoft Excel. Go to the top of the list and select Actions > Export.User-added image

You may watch this video tutorial on how to manage recurring payments.

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