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Upgrade PaySuite to QuickBooks Online Advanced Payroll - FAQ

We have launched a new advanced payroll offering to bring you a new feature-rich payroll and workforce management application, enabling you to manage expenses, timesheets, pensions and payroll all in one simple system.

Our new advanced payroll product will replace PaySuite. If you are currently using PaySuite, you/your clients will be given the option to be easily migrated to the new QuickBooks Online Advanced Payroll product.

PaySuite will be discontinued by the end of the 2019/20 tax year with a view to migrating you/any clients in advance should you/they chose to be upgraded.


What is happening to PaySuite?


  • PaySuite will be discontinued and will not be available after the end of the 2019/20 tax year.
  • Our new advanced payroll product will replace PaySuite and you will be given the option to easily migrate onto QuickBooks Online Advanced Payroll. This process will be managed by QuickBooks experts ensuring a seamless migration experience. We will be in touch in the coming months with more information and timelines to make sure you are fully informed and prepared.


Do I have to upgrade?


Our new advanced payroll product will replace PaySuite. You will have the option to migrate to our new QuickBooks Online Advanced payroll product, or choose to download your data in advance if you decide not to migrate.


Why would I choose Advanced payroll over Standard?


Advanced Payroll has been designed for power users who need a few more features and want to be able to manually adjust almost anything in their pay runs. Typically this product is best suited for accountants who run payroll for multiple customers and SMBs with unique and complex payroll needs.


Which QuickBooks version is Advanced Payroll available in?


Advanced Payroll is available in Simple Start, Essentials and Plus.


When is QuickBooks Online Advanced Payroll ready to use?


It is now available on our product chooser page.


How long is QuickBooks Online Advanced Payroll in Beta for?


It is expected to last until  Summer 2019.


How do I get help during the Beta period?


Sign In to watch videos, read articles or get in touch with our award-winning QuickBooks experts. You can also visit our support site.

Where can I find out more information about the product?


Refer to QuickBooks Online Advanced Payroll Hub to learn more.


What will the pricing be for Advanced Payroll?


  • Whilst Advanced Payroll is in Beta there will be no charge for using the product.
  • Following the Beta there will be an introductory special offer during which it will cost £1 per paid employee per month.
  • As with all Intuit products, Advanced Payroll will be competitively priced for the value it provides to our customers. We will provide more information about Advanced Payroll pricing in the coming months.


Can I migrate to QuickBooks Online Advanced Payroll before it officially launches?


Contact our award-winning QuickBooks experts.


Can I/my clients migrate to QuickBooks Online Payroll from PaySuite if QuickBooks Online Payroll wou...


Yes, however this will be a manual setup. If you are using either QuickBooks Online Payroll or PaySuite and wish to get one step ahead with our advanced product, please contact our Customer Success team.


What is going to happen with my existing clients on PaySuite and when will they be migrated?


We will be sending you more information on the upcoming migration and the timelines in the coming months. In the meantime, they can switch to QuickBooks Online Payroll or try QuickBooks Online Advanced Payroll in Beta should they wish.


I want to sign up new clients to PaySuite, can I still do that?


As of the 31st May, Paysuite has been removed from Labs and is no longer available to new clients.


Will historical data be migrated and will it all be done by us or will the client have to do anythin...


You can export your company information at any time. Click on the company cog, employer settings and company payroll export. We will send you a reminder closer to the time.