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Use the built-in or internal QuickBooks Desktop File Doctor

The internal QuickBooks Desktop File Doctor is a tool integrated in QuickBooks 2016 and later versions used to diagnose and resolve errors or issues in your company file. Use the File Doctor if you suspect data damage or if you receive -6000 errors preventing you from opening your file.




  • You must be logged in as the Administrator.
  • You must be connected to the internet to upload the file.
  • Your company file must be smaller than 2GB.
  • Network diagnosis and repair may not work properly if multiple QuickBooks versions are installed on your computer.
  • Network fixes only work on the latest version of QuickBooks you have installed and not on the Database Manager-only version.

Use the internal QuickBooks Desktop File Doctor

Note: Some QuickBooks errors will automatically launch the internal QuickBooks Desktop File Doctor. Simply select the Start button to run the tool.

  1. Open QuickBooks but do not log in to your company file.
  2. Go to the File menu, then select Utilities > Repair File and Network Problems.
    Note: If you get a window asking for permission to gather anonymous diagnostic information, mark or unmark Yes, you can track diagnostic information, then select Continue.
  3. Select Browse, then locate your company file.
  4. Select your company file, then Open.
  5. Click the Show advanced settings drop-down, then choose the appropriate fix for your file. Select Next.
  6. When prompted to log in to your file, enter the QuickBooks Admin username and password. Select Next to start the File Doctor.
  7. After the diagnosis completes, reopen your file.

If the issue remains unresolved or if you're prompted to run the internal QuickBooks Desktop File Doctor again when you open the file, contact our technical support.