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What is Online Bill Pay?

Find answers to frequently asked questions about Online Bill Pay.

Pay your bills directly, and hassle-free, from QuickBooks Online using Online Bill Pay (powered by In this article, we'll tell you the benefits and how it works. And we'll also answer some frequently asked questions about it.

Features & Benefits

What are the key benefits?

Using Online Bill Pay makes it easier to make payments right from within QuickBooks Online. You can:

  • Pay bills via bank transfer or check directly from QuickBooks Online
    (QuickBooks Online Plus and Advanced only)
  • Pay 1099 Vendors/Contractors via bank transfer (ACH) or paper check
  • Everything is all in one place. No need to switch between two products.

How does QuickBooks Online works with Bill Pay?

QuickBooks Online works together with Online Bill Pay. Having both together, lets you:

  • Pay bills electronically within QuickBooks Online
  • Pay vendor bills directly from within QuickBooks Online with ACH (bank transfer) or a paper check.
  • Record payment transactions accurately and automatically in QuickBooks Online.

Only admin and accountant users, who have been enabled to use the Bill Pay account, will have the ability to use the Online Bill Pay in QuickBooks Online.

What are bank transfers?

Bank transfers are electronic transfers of money (ACH), exactly like the ones used to direct deposit a paycheck. These transactions are simple, fast and secure.

What features does Bill Pay add to QuickBooks?

You can pay bills without ever leaving the QuickBooks screen. You can track the payment, knowing exactly when your vendor gets it.

Sign up

How do I sign up for Bill Pay?

If the option to sign up for Bill Pay is not available within your QuickBooks Online account, you can use the direct link to Online Bill Pay to sign up.

Note:  Accountants cannot sign up for Bill Pay for their clients, however, they can use the feature on behalf of their clients once their client has set it up

Is there a separate charge for this monthly service?

Although there is no monthly subscription fee for this service, you will be charged a transaction fee for each payment you process.

What happens when the trial ends?

We'll let you know as you get close to the end of your trial. If you're ready to sign up at that point, it's super simple. We'll walk you through the sign-up steps.

Why do I have to go through a security check?

We take security seriously and want to make sure the right person has access to the bank account.

To get verified:

  1. Verify you have access to the bank account you’ll be using to transact. There are two options:
    • You can choose Instant verification and enter your online banking account credentials to link your bank to your account. This automates the routing number and bank account number
    • Or, you can choose to enter your bank info manually. In this process, we’ll send a small test deposit to your bank account. Once it arrives, you will verify the amounts in the account. The test deposit will take one to two business days to arrive in your bank account and will reference
  2. Verify your identity.
    • For your security, ask you a series of information from your public records to verify your identity. Make sure to use your legal name and home address that appear on your driver's license.

QuickBooks Online Compatibility

Which QuickBooks Online versions support Bill Pay?

All versions that can record bills support Online Bill Pay. These are QuickBooks Online Essentials, Plus, and Advanced.

Can I use Online Bill Pay within the QuickBooks Online desktop app for Windows or Mac?

Yes, this feature is available within the desktop app for QuickBooks Online.

Can all QuickBooks Online users pay bills using Bill Pay?

All Administrators (Master and Company) will be able to sign up for Online Bill Pay. Each administrator will need to go through the signup process to use the service. See Add a new user to a bank account for more information. and QuickBooks Online

What is is a leader in bill payment solutions. They're a trusted Intuit partner. All transactions happen through their engine, so you'll see their name a lot in QuickBooks.

Already have a account?

If you already have a account, take a moment to see if Bill Pay is right for you.

Do I need a account to pay my bills in QuickBooks Online?

Yes, you will need to sign up for a Bill Pay for QuickBooks account right from within QuickBooks Online. There's no need to switch back and forth between the two programs. If you're not a customer, you can sign up for a risk-free 30-day trial (no credit card required).

Can I use Bill Pay if I already have a account?

Yes, however, your current account will not support Bill Pay within QuickBooks Online. You will need to either cancel your account or contact to have your current account unlinked from QuickBooks Online.

Once this is complete, you will then be able to sign up for a Bill Pay account right from within QuickBooks Online. Your current account will remain separate from Bill Pay. Learn more if you have an existing account.

Accountant information

Accountants: Can I pay bills for my clients?

Yes, accountant users are now able to use the Bill Pay feature on behalf of their clients. Each user will need to go through the sign-up process in order to use the service. See Add a new user to a bank account for more information.

How do I allow other admin users to use the Bill Pay feature?

All Administrators (Master and Company) have the ability to use the Bill Pay feature. Each administrator needs to go through the identity verification process to use the service.

See this article for more information: Online Bill Pay - Add a new bank account

What if I am the accountant and the Master Admin on a client's account?

Due to the dual role of the accountant user in this situation, the accountant user takes priority. They won't be able to set up the Bill Pay feature for their client's account. If the owner of the company is a Company Admin, they are able to set up this feature.

Support & Troubleshooting

Why are my first payments taking longer than expected?

When first starting with the Bill Pay service, allow four banking days for both bank transfers and mailed checks. After five completed payments, payment timing will accelerate (for example, bank transfers under $5,000 will arrive in two banking days).

When will my vendor receive my payment?

Depending on the payment type, it could take up to five banking days for your vendor to receive the payment.

Is there a daily limit to how much money I can pay this way?

There is no "daily limit" on the amount you are able to pay to your vendor. (Note: Please be aware that your financial institution may have a daily spending limit.) However, payments over $5,000 will take more time to arrive.

Who do I contact for Bill Pay support?

Bill Pay feature is supported by Intuit. For assistance, please contact QuickBooks Online Customer Care team.

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