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How to customize invoice emails

We've updated invoice emails, so you can now choose your accent color and highlight your logo. Preferences you've set for your invoice template now carry over to your invoice email.

Customize invoice emails

Here’s how you can customize invoices emails:

  1. Select the Gear icon on the Toolbar, then Custom Form Styles under Your Company.

  2. To change the design on an existing template, select Edit. To start a new style, select New style, and then select Invoice.
    (Note: Layout changes you make on the Design and Content tabs affect both the PDF and email versions of invoice [Eg. color changes]).
  3. From the Design tab, select Try other colors.
  4. Select the desired color and save your changes. (Note: You will be able to see your new color applied to your email in your Send email preview when you send your next invoice.)
Note: The PDF versions of your invoices have not been "redesigned".


Sample invoice emails

Here's a sample of an old invoice email:

QuickBooks old email invoice template example

Here's a sample of a new invoice email:

QuickBooks new email invoice template example

Now you know how to customize your invoice emails.