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How to view all transactions for a vendor

In QuickBooks Online you can see all transactions for a vendor.

To see all of the transactions for a particular vendor:

  1. Select Expenses and then Vendors.

  2. Select the vendor.

Once you've selected a vendor, you'll be in the Transaction List tab where you may do any of the following:

  • Select Edit to edit the vendor's profile.
  • Select Create new (or New transaction) to create a new bill, expense, check, purchase order, or vendor credit for that vendor.
  • Filter the list to show only certain transaction types.
  • Check the box of specific transactions, then use the Batch actions drop-down to:
    • Pay the selected bills online
    • Print the transactions
    • Categorize the chosen transactions
  • Export transactions to an Excel spreadsheet.
Tip: To see more info about the Vendor, including their contact details and billing address, select the Vendor Details tab.


Now you know how to sort and view vendor transactions.