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Print checks on blank check stock

Are you having problems printing checks on a blank check stock? Read this article to learn more about printing blank paper checks.

QuickBooks Online currently does not directly support printing checks on a blank check stock. However, third-party solutions are available.


A third-party solution that allows you to use blank paper checks for all of your bank accounts. With MultiCHAX, you can print MICR encoded checks in a variety of formats on blank paper forms. There is no need to stock forms for multiple bank accounts. Instead, you only need to purchase blank check forms. MultiCHAX also auto-populates fields from saved account information to save you time.

For more information on MultiCHAX , you may log on to their website at or send them an email at You may also call 800-354-6427 to speak to a live representative.

VersaCheck Gold

A third-party solution which can be integrated into QuickBooks Online for printing blank paper checks. This program allows users to print on a blank stock or the Peachtree voucher style with the check in the middle of the sheet. VersaCheck costs $89.99 (subject to change) and is available at most retailers who sell QuickBooks.

For more information on VersaCheck, you may logon to their website or contact them directly at 858-675-1095.

You may also visit our IntuitMarket site to order check stock.

Blank check printing availability chart

Type of Subscription Supported 3rd Party Solution available
QuickBooks Online Simple Start NO YES
QuickBooks Online Essentials NO YES
QuickBooks Online Plus NO YES
QuickBooks Online Payroll YES NA
Intuit Online Payroll YES NA
Intuit Online Payroll for Accoutants YES NA
QuickBooks Full Service Payroll NO NA
Intuit Full Service Payroll NO NA