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Print more than 14 lines in the voucher section of my check?

Are you having problems printing Bill Payment Stubs in QuickBooks Online? Read this article to learn more.

QuickBooks Desktop users are accustomed to being able to print a Bill Payment Stub which allows them to print all bills associated with the bill payment.

Unfortunately, this feature is currently not available in QuickBooks Online. The bill payment voucher can only show up to 13 bills and line 14 summarizes the rest. A work around we can use is to run a customized Transaction List by Vendor report that shows all items on a Bill Payment Stub. If it doesn't work, you can highlight the bills being paid within the Pay Bills window, and then use the Print Selection from your web browser.

To run a Transaction List by Vendor report

  1. From the left navigation panel, choose Reports.
  2. In the "Go to Report" field, type in Transaction list by Vendor.
  3. Select the Transaction List by Vendor report
  4. Choose Customize on the upper right corner of your screen.
  5. From the General section, change the report period to All Dates.
  6. From the Filter section, change the Last Modified Date to the date the check was entered in QuickBooks Online.
  7. From the Transaction Type section, select Bill.
  8. From the Vendor section, select the vendor from the drop down menu .
  9. Choose Run Report on the lower left corner of your screen.

Note: This should work as long as there is only one check per date for the vendor and if neither the check nor the bills being paid have been modified.This will not work if any bills or checks for the same vendor are either added or modified on the date the check is issued.

If the report doesn't give you what you need, highlight the bills from the Bill Payment window and then use the print options from your browser.

To use the Print options from a web browser

  1. Choose Reports from the menu on the left.
  2. In the "Go to Reports" field, enter Transaction List by Vendor.
  3. Select Transaction List by Vendor.
  4. Set the Report period to date of the bill payment.
  5. From the Filter section, choose Vendor and then select the name of the vendor on the bill.
  6. Select Run Report.
  7. Highlight the list of bills from the Bill Payment Information section.
  8. From the Internet Explorer menu, choose the File menu and then select Print.
  9. From the Print Range, choose the Selection radio button and then select Ok.User-added image