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Converting Quickbooks Destop to Mac

I am trying to transfer a QuickBooks desktop file to quickbooks Mac.  QuickBooks Mac 2019 has been installed on the Mac computer.  I have made a back up from the destop version using the "file, utilities, convert to mac" option.  When I send the back up file to the Mac & try to restore to Mac 2019, I am getting the error that the file is locked or read only.  Any suggestions?  Thanks.


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Re: Converting Quickbooks Destop to Mac

Might be the permissions on where the file is stored (typically this happens with a USB key). Move the file to your Documents folder on your Mac. Then, in QuickBooks Mac, choose File->Open... and navigate to the Documents folder to select it. 

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Re: Converting Quickbooks Destop to Mac

Thanks.  I ended up calling QuickBooks.  And that's what it was.  Permissions.  Got it fixed!  Thanks.