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QuickBooks Team

Re: The alternative answer is far more useful: Edit>Preferenc...

Hello, @pammyq88.

Thank you for trying out all the possible steps to help you get the customized template as your default when emailing invoices in QuickBooks Desktop.

I replicated this on my end and I was able to get my template to show when sending an email. Let’s change the current default and toggle it back to check if that fixes the issue.

Here’s how:
1.    Go to Edit from the top menu and select Preferences.
2.    Choose Send Forms, then Company Preferences.
3.    Change the default template to QuickBooks template.
4.    Hit OK.
5.    Follow the same steps to get to the Company Preferences tab and change the default back to your customized template.


Once done, close and reopen QuickBooks. Then, create batch invoices.

Here’s an article for your reference: Customize email templates in QuickBooks.

That should get you pointed in the right direction. Stay in touch with me on how the steps work for you. I’m just here if you need further help. Take care and have a great day!

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Re: The alternative answer is far more useful: Edit>Preferenc...

Hi Khim,
I'm trying to send batch invoices from the Income Tracker page.  I'm checking the boxes of the invoices I want to send, then choosing batch email from the Batch Actions dropdown at the bottom of the page.  This is where I'm not getting my custom template.
I'm hoping I don't have to create batch invoices in order to send batch emails.  Every invoice is different.  I appreciate your assistance!
QuickBooks Team

Re: The alternative answer is far more useful: Edit>Preferenc...

I've replicated your concern, Pammyq88.


When you send invoices on the Income Tracker window, it will immediately let you send the transactions. Though, whatever template is used, that's the same template your customer will receive.


In QuickBooks, you'll have to create invoices so you can send them to your customers. You have the option to memorize an invoice for your regular customers. This way, a transaction is automatically created when it's due. You can check this article for more information: Create and modify memorized transactions.


If you need more help, you can always get back to this thread. 



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Re: The alternative answer is far more useful: Edit>Preferenc...

You need to have assigned the Default outgoing message before loading anything into the Send Queue ("send later"). Once they are in the queue, the only option is to Edit them, there. I have a list of outgoing messages I rotate throughout the year, so I set the Default, then automatically generate 84 invoices and they all have the Current Default in the queue.


You cannot edit the Provided initial Basic Message from Intuit. Make Your Own, then set it as Default.


From Income tracker, the one function you find there that is OverDue Invoices, that is not an outgoing message seen in Preferences for Send Forms. It cannot be accessed. This has been reported as a bug for Years.

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Re: Edit default email text

At the top of the window go to:

  • Edit
  • Preferences
  • Send Forms
  • Company Preferences
  • Select Template

This is where you can create, edit, delete, and make detault the emails that you send for all documents, including invoices.

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Re: Edit the text in the first window when you send a form.

Yes. I did edit the text  before I sent the email. However, I would like to change the default text so I won't need to edit the text every time.

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Re: I you are sending a different message to each customer/jo...

No, it will probably be the same message each time.

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Re: The. Edit it once, it remains the same until you edit it...

I changed it once, but when I looked at it again, it defaulted back to the original text. 

QuickBooks Team

Re: The. Edit it once, it remains the same until you edit it...

Hello there, @lgsilva48.


I can see you've posted the same question twice in the Community forum. Please refer to my answer on this link to fix the email template:

In order to keep the conversation streamlined, I ask that you leave any follow-ups there.


Post again in the Community if you have any other concerns working with QuickBooks. I'm more than happy to help. Have a good one!