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Error 6123, 0

I am having trouble resorting a back up file.  I am coming from qb simplestart 2008 to qb pro desktop 2019 version.  I have completed the action suggested and i am not getting a positive result.  Does the company have a 24hr help desk or a number to call



Re: Error 6123, 0

Hello, @Trent D.


I appreciate you taking the time to post about the error you encountered when restoring your company file. You have the option to try performing some simple troubleshooting steps to fix this and I'm here to help you out.


This is usually caused by restoring a company file from an external storage device or a disrupted network connection from the host server. Also, it's possible that your firewall settings are interrupting QuickBooks to open the company. 


Whatever the reasons may be, you can perform the detailed steps indicated in this article to resolve the issue: How to fix Error 6123, 0.


If you need help in going through the steps, you can always reach out to our Desktop Specialist so you can work together using their screen-share tool.


Here's how you can reach them:


  1. Go to
  2. Select QuickBooks Desktop and choose your product.
  3. Click a topic and press the Start a Message tab.

The available time is indicated in the help site as well. You'll get connected to one of our Desktop Chat support and can help re-direct you to a phone agent if needed.


That's it. If you have other questions about the error, don't hesitate to comment below. I'm here to help.

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Re: Error 6123, 0

hi @Trent D  ,

I am not sure you can upgrade directly to QB 2019.  You should try upgrading to QB 2012 or QB 2013 as a stepping stone. I could recommend a certain site for downloading the installer but you must get the license codes by yourself. Another option, you should consider purchasing a conversion service. I could recommend you one as well.


Just my 2 cents.

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Re: Error 6123, 0

There is no repeat no direct restore into qb2019 from even same version of qb2008. Simple start(desktop)  which is no longer available was free but upgrading to Pro never involved restoring a backup. The ss backup can only be restored into ss.


Here is how one would normally proceed although there are too many years in the fast forward.


If you can find a friend or pro advisor with Pro ca. 2010-2012 you could convert to an older Pro and then upgrade that to 2019.


Or seek out a data conversion service such as provided by BigRed