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I can't open QuickBooks I faced the below Issue.

This file was created by quickbooks with advanced inventory it can't be opened by this version of quickbooks


Please note when we trying to select the second option we faced the below Issue 

( There Was a problem in synchronizing your Quickbooks License data with intuit please try again later.


We appreciate your cooperation in advance.


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Re: I can't open QuickBooks I faced the below Issue.

Your particular issue is specific to yoru account and we are all peer users here and nobody, I mean nobody, not even the paid staffers that hang out and post has or can get access to your individual account to see what the problem is. You, unfortunately, are faced with the gruesome task of actually calling support (after you find the correct phone number for your issue)


Please note that if you see a phone number publicly displayed 9 time out of 10 it is a spammer attempting to drain your bank account. DO NOT CALL any publicly dis[played phone number for support. Instead, use teh "Contact Us" link enter the particualrs and use the number you end up finding.  QB has many numbers and support help trained in certain areas and sometimes the numbers change

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Re: I can't open QuickBooks I faced the below Issue.

Hey @alimonqith, The issue you're facing is a sync issue with Intuit. 

In this case, the Best way to tackle this is to connect with one of the Intuit/Quickbooks Support team so that they can look into your issue.

Simply Goto Intuit Website, Find Customer Care contact Details and get in touch with them.