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Is search broken for everyone or just me?

When clicking the search icon in the header I get a sad face with the following message:

"There’s usually something here. Wait a few minutes and refresh the page."

Typing in a search query just shows the above sad face and error message.  Refreshing, clearing cache, logging in and out again, switching to another set of books, and trying other browsers and other computers does not resolve the issue.

It has been this way for almost a year.  I previously submitted a ticket about this and about a week later it was working for a short period of time.  It has since failed to work again.

Does this happen for everyone, or just me?
QuickBooks Team

Re: Is search broken for everyone or just me?

I've checked our file and there's no open cases same as yours, Levithomason.


Good work for doing the basic troubleshooting steps. It helped us isolate if this is a web issue or not.


Since you still got the same error message after those steps, I suggest getting in touch with our customer care support. I know you've called in before, but it's best to reach out to them again so an agent can take a better look at this. They have tools, like screen sharing, that can help you out. Here's how:

  1. Click Help inside QuickBooks Online.
  2. Choose Contact us.
  3. Enter a brief description of your issue, then click Continue.
  4. Click either Start a Message or Get a callback

You can always visit us if you have other concerns. We'd be happy to help you. 

Experienced Member

Re: Is search broken for everyone or just me?

I have the same problem - search has disappeared from the site - there's no search on customers or suppliers and the general search just shows latest transactions and doesn't even have a place to write the search term. This seems to have happened after an upgrade a week or so ago,


Also, it is very frustrating as a customer with two companies using quickbooks online, to press help, then contact us and to then get a hover that says to sign in and when we do sign in, it takes us exactly back to where we were, our account online. It's a loop - I imagine because I'm in Portugal and it sends us to the US site yet then sees that we are not in the US and sends us back to where we started.


On a final note, and because you make it so hard to contact support, it is really unproductive to have to play the find the cars, shop fronts, traffic lights, etc, sometimes for an eternity only then, to have to receive an email with a code - every day? Every log in? I know you'll reply its for our safety yet everyone else seems to be able to do it with other means of authentication - you just chose SMS and only in the US.


Best regards