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QB Desktop Enterprise 19 - RDS RemoteApp

I'm trying to determine if QB 19 is supported in a RemoteApp / multi-user configuration.


I'd like my users to leverage RDS RemoteApp and publish QB through the service to centralize the installation and database. I have a few questions:


  1. Is this a supported use case?
  2. I would like to supply the data file as part of the command line to streamline connecting the the RemoteApp, is this possible?
  3. When the application is closed remotely, the instance is closed on the Terminal Server, I'm assuming this gracefully closes the application on the Terminal Server and I don't need to worry about corrupting the database?

Thanks in advance.

QuickBooks Team

Re: QB Desktop Enterprise 19 - RDS RemoteApp

Welcome to the Community, @Sloanstar.


I can provide you with some information about the RDS Remote App in QuickBooks Desktop.


Yes, maximizing the performance of QuickBooks Enterprise with Remote Desktop Services is supported. With this, you can have your QuickBooks installed on a server where authorized users can access the application at any time inside or outside of the office. 


However, to get more information about this procedure, I'd suggest reaching out to our Technical Support Team. They'll be able to discuss with you the functions of this application and on how to set this up on your device.


To reach them: 

  1. In your browser, navigate to
  2. Choose QuickBooks Desktop.
  3. Select the issue or topic.
  4. Click the Green Phone button to get the support number.

You can also check out this article about QuickBooks Enterprise with Remote Desktop Services for your reference: Remote Desktop Services.


Feel free to reach back out to me if I can be of additional assistance. I'll be here for you. Have a great week ahead!

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Re: QB Desktop Enterprise 19 - RDS RemoteApp

@BettyJaneB - Thanks for the advice, but I tried that first, and the support rep informed me they were unable to assist with new installs, setting up terminal services, and pretty much any reason to get me off the phone unfortunately. But they did point me at the community support forum.


If it's all the same I'd rather just talk it out here in the forums and hopefully this exchange will be helpful for the next individual that comes along.


Like I said in the original post, I've already setup Remote Desktop Services and have an existing RemoteApp deployment. I just wanted to ensure it was a supported setup and when users close the RemoteApp instance it won't cause any damage to the company workbook.


I've figured out I can pass the .QBW  file after the executable to open the file directly. I would like a list of any command arguments that are available to see if there are any other parameters I could pas to make the user experience more seamless.



QuickBooks Team

Re: QB Desktop Enterprise 19 - RDS RemoteApp

Hi there, Sloanstar.


As previously shared by one of my colleagues, using QuickBooks on RDS Remote App is supported.


If you're able to get past setting up QuickBooks and opening the file, you might also want to reach out to the server provider for additional help. They might have an available list of command reference between RDS and QuickBooks aside from what other members of the forum can share. We don't have that information available for now since RDS is the one hosting the program. 


You're always welcome to visit us again if you have other questions with QuickBooks. 

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Re: QB Desktop Enterprise 19 - RDS RemoteApp

Thanks, but like I said, all good on the RemoteApp front from a terminal services perspective.


Looking to get a little data that is specific to the Intuit QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise product, specifically what command line arguments are available. Microsoft isn't going to have that information. I was browsing the technical documents but I didn't find anything detailing CLI arguments.



QuickBooks Team

Re: QB Desktop Enterprise 19 - RDS RemoteApp

Hi Sloanstar,


As my colleagues mentioned, the command line arguments are unavailable in QuickBooks. You'll want to consult the app provider.


You might also want to check the Microsoft's website for the lists of command reference available for RDS.


We're always here if you have other questions. Thanks.

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Re: QB Desktop Enterprise 19 - RDS RemoteApp

If I'm running QB normally from my desktop, what arguments will qbw32.exe accept?

Can I pass parameters like /login or /user to populate the .qbw file login username?


I've found a few in the executable by poking around with string explorer so i know the application has some that it supports. I'm not sure why they aren't documented properly for end users to find or why I'm being told there aren't any. There is a function that looks for "Tick Count" on the command line, so I know there are definitely command line parameters to be had. Why won't you just share them?


Found Possibilities:

Pass a .qbw file - Process will open this file.

/silent - Unknown Function




-TickCount= %s%

LaunchQBWProcess with cmdLine

QuickBooks Team

Re: QB Desktop Enterprise 19 - RDS RemoteApp

Hello, Sloanstar.


I appreciate your effort for configuring which arguments are accepted. Since you’ve exhausted all your resources and still unable to get enough information, I’d recommend contacting our right networks team. This team dedicated to cater any questions related to hosting.  


Here’s how to reach them:

  1. Visit this site:
  2. Click the Contact Us link at the upper right corner.

 Thanks for dropping by.