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This program sucks

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Re: This program sucks

good workers have good tools

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Re: This program sucks

Yes and this is not it. Program locks up and drops offline and closes without warning. Losing data is commonplace. Tech support is non exist and the process you have to go through to get it is hideous.

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Re: This program sucks

Every time I access from different device I have to verify device with txt code and as soon as I move to another device it forgets all about the one I just verified. Tech support tells me I need to run on ie because it doesn't play nice with chrome. I despise this program and if there was anything else to use I would try it. They must have a whole team that does nothing but figure out how to make this program more annoying and difficult to use.

QuickBooks Team

Re: This program sucks

This happens when your account's two-step verification setting is turned on, nfaubel1.


We always take serious actions to protect the security of your account. With that being said, we give our customers two options to verify their account. These are the Multi-Factor Authentication and Two-step Verification. The first verification process can't be turned off. You'll only be asked to enter a code once, if you're using a new device. The second option, or the one that always sends the code through a text message, can be disabled.


If you're using an Incognito window or recently cleared the browsers cache, it'll make the device unrecognizable.


To disable the SMS code, simple follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Intuit Online Account.
  2. Select the Security tab.
  3. Select the Turn off link.

If your QBO account closes unexpectedly, this means that it has been inactive. The time of inactivity is based from the time that you last clicked Save. So if you walked away from the computer for 20 minutes, you could be signed out when you get back. Because even if you only left for 20 minutes or less, it has been longer since you last saved a transaction. If you're the Master Admin of the company file, you can set the company settings to keep you logged in for 3 hours.


Here's how:

  1. Click the Gear icon.
  2. Under Your Company, choose Account and Settings.
  3. Go to the Advanced tab.
  4. Click the pencil icon to edit the Other Preferences section.
  5. Set the hour to Sign Me Out If Inactive for.
  6. Click Save and then Done.


To get in touch with us, you can get our current phone number here.


Please know that I'm always here if you need more help with QuickBooks. Just leave a reply, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

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Re: This program sucks

People use IE?  Where?

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Re: This program sucks

Try using their payroll service.  Support is pathetic, they've lock us out and we have no way to run reports.  They of course have no problem taking the monthly service fee...

QuickBooks Team

Re: This program sucks

Hi there, WDF1.


I want to make sure you'll get the best help possible.


Here at Intuit, it's our priority to ensure a great customer service experience. It is our hope that in providing you with excellent support that you will feel so good about the product that you would want to recommend Quickbooks Online to a family or friend.


If you're using QuickBooks Online Payroll, please know that you can still open report though you no longer have payroll. These reports would still be available as long as the user type has a payroll access. You can visit this article for reference: Payroll reports overview.


QuickBooks has a lot of support tools you can ask for help. Aside from posting your questions here in the Community, we also have a plenty of video tutorials, articles and webinars made available for you.


Allow me to share these helpful links that you can refer to know more about navigating QuickBooks:

Don't hesitate to drop me a reply below if you have any other questions. It's always my pleasure to help.

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Re: This program sucks

absolutely agree,  you enter a charge as taxes. yet under tax.  the taxes column show 0, 

you enter 3charges in vehicle insurance 

yet in taxes column shows 0 still.

the fuel mileage in 2019 is not .0545. it’s now .058. yet app shows .54.  the addition to miles do not even add up

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Re: This program sucks

how come you app does not accurately show the mileage pay?   how come ur app does not list charges that are stated as taxes. shown in tax column? 

how come your app does not like stuff such as vehicle insurance ?? even tho 700 this far shows vehicle insurance.  but your tax tab shows taxes -0-

QuickBooks Team

Re: This program sucks

I appreciate you joining this thread and voicing out your feedback, @hdpj.


Allow me to step in and share some insights about QuickBooks Self-Employed application. 


To ensure that the charges or the correct amount will show on the Taxes column, you'll have to update your application.

Meanwhile, we're aware that the Fuel Mileage deduction on the dashboard is showing an incorrect amount (0.54 instead of 0.58). Our engineers are diligently working to fix this issue in a timely manner. I advise going to the Mileage tab to view the correct calculation. 


I encourage you get in touch with our QBSE team to be added on our list of affected users for INV-25551. That way you'll receive automatic email updates.


Regarding Mileage pay and vehicle insurance, we calculate amounts using the standard mileage method of deducting other vehicle expenses. Set up and categorize them correctly to ensure amounts will post. For in-depth information, you can check this link: Schedule C Car and truck.


That should be enough information to keep you going today, @hdpj.


Keep me posted on how it goes or if you have any follow-up questions. I'll be here if you need further assistance. Take care.

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Re: This program sucks

I love QB online, when it works correctly. We have been using QB products for over 10 years. I really like the program for the most part, but, I am losing that loving feeling!

Lately, there have been so many glitches and errors, that I am about done with it.

There are multiple frustrating problems, one is not being able to have more than one person with the same name! I have asked QB for years to fix this issue.  I have many people with the same first and last name. I have people who have multiple homes that we go to them so I have to get creative with names to be able to add them to the data base. The problem comes when the tech prints out the invoice in the field. Names with #’s or other wording after them is not professional looking.

Recently, I have noticed that the PO number gets changed to some unknown codes. It looks fine until you print it or after you save the invoice it gets changed. 

Another issue, our Contractors Plumbing license # has to be on the invoices legally, but it magically disappeared about a month ago.  We just caught it. I’m hoping no one else notices so that we don’t get fined.

I Called QB. I was told they know about these issues and are working on them. 

Now, every time I save an invoice and try to close out, it asks me if I want to save it! Really!


Lines are going black where I have to put in parts or labor discriptions. It covers up the line above or below completely.

A drop down box that I have clicked on stays on, covering up parts of the invoice that I am working on. 

They said that I may want to try another browser. I am using MAC/Apple computers, lap top, iPad and iPhones to access and work on these. They don’t either recognize another browser or won’t function in a timely manner on another browser. 

To say that we are frustrated is an Understatement.

Now they want more money per month.

QuickBooks Team

Re: This program sucks

Hi @PlumberJay,


I completely understand where you're coming from and I know that a price increase is a huge factor affecting your business.


We are committed to developing easy, straightforward financial tools that help you today and grow with you tomorrow.


We are continuously working on QuickBooks Online to make it easier for you to manage your business and get your accounting done.


We want to ensure that our customers will always have the most efficient software available to help them run their business daily.


 If in case you want to know more about the details, you can visit and read the FAQ - QuickBooks Online Price Increase for July 2019 page.


As always, you can visit our Help Articles page for QuickBooks Online if in case you need to learn some "How do I" steps.


We appreciate your patience with us through this period of the price increase. I'll be always here if you need anything else.