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Users Vs Licenses - QB Desktop Premier Upgrade 16 to 19


we were using the QB desktop premier 2016, one license, up to 5 users logged in/working simultaneously on different computers, the main license is on a server computer that all other computers connect to


current situation:

Today, we upgraded to QB desktop premier 2019, one license (CD purchased from Office Depot), but it does not allow two or more (up to 5) users to login at the same time even though they are logging into the same file just using different it seems we are being forced to buy additional licenses so the other users can login simultaneously or am i missing something? 


4 people working on it simultaneously via different computers, main QB file is on a server computer that no one uses. HELP!


that's a really big jump in cost difference


this link says:


"You can purchase additional licenses if you need more users to simultaneously access a QuickBooks Desktop company file.

Depending on the number of user licenses you have, QuickBooks Desktop Premier allows up to 5 users and Pro allows up to 3 users to work in a company file at the same time."




I bought desktop premier 2019 and need at max, 5 users to be able to work simultaneously, I'm not trying to have 6-20 users all at the same time... the language is very ambiguous, especially when i was presently doing this with my 2016 license purchased....


Please provide clear and concise responses, thank you in advance!

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Re: Users Vs Licenses - QB Desktop Premier Upgrade 16 to 19

In the old days (until this year?) the retail versions of QB Premier always included multiple user licenses - I think you got 3 users with Premier and 2 with Pro.  Now it appears that the retail boxes are sold in single-user form only.

This makes it very confusing for new admin - old admins will know that buying multiple single-user licenses never worked for setting up a multi-user system.  What you need is one license number that has multi-user rights attached to it.  Apparently you can't get this off-the shelf.

So likely what you have to do is call Intuit Sales (not tech support) and buy additional seats which they will add to your existing (new) 2019 license.

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Re: Users Vs Licenses - QB Desktop Premier Upgrade 16 to 19

thanks for your response mike, yeah i was very confused and now neither QB or Office Depot wants to refund me the license purchased from OD so i can just buy the 5 multi user license instead...i guess i can buy additional licenses to assign to my license purchased at OD but it's way more expensive.... very ambiguous. thanks for your quick response.. 

QuickBooks Team

Re: Users Vs Licenses - QB Desktop Premier Upgrade 16 to 19

Hi there again, @mrscpa,


I appreciate the time you've given checking this with our forums. I can add a bit more about the user licences and access for QuickBooks Desktop.


You can have your users sign in to the company file simultaneously if you're using the multi-user system. The maximum number of simultaneous users for QuickBooks Premier Edition is five users. When using the multi-user mode, it allows multiple users to collaborate on the same company file at the same time. However, they must be networked, and must have their own QuickBooks license. 


In your case, you must determine the number of licenses you purchased from Office Depot. You can press F2 on your keyboard to display your license information. If you have multiple licenses but the system does not reflect the correct number, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Help menu then select Manage My License.
  2. Choose Sync License Data Online.

That should correct the number of user licenses displayed in the Product Information. You might want to check our license agreement to know more about the multi-user requirements: Complete details on our license agreement.


You can also check our QuickBooks Desktop Team to get help check your QuickBooks account. They can also check your account and can provide in-depth details about the user management in QuickBooks. Here's how to contact us:

  1. Go to the Help menu.
  2. Choose QuickBooks Desktop Help.
  3. Tap the Contact us button.


That should do it. As always, I'm just a post away if you need further assistance. Please feel free to post an update in the comments section. I'll be glad to check on it for you. Have a good one!

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Re: Users Vs Licenses - QB Desktop Premier Upgrade 16 to 19

Hi Jen


Thanks for your response, i spent over 5.5 hours with QuickBooks Support/Sales today.


Please verify, as i did not receive an email, for the refund of the Intuit QuickBooks Plus Annual Subscription Premier Download 5 to my account. It was processed incorrectly by the person i talked to over the phone. 


I basically had to buy the "5 user license" instead of the "one license that allows up to 5 users"... the language is pretty ambiguous, and the website doesn't show you the different options with multiple users attached to the license. 


For anyone else reading - if you go to office depot website and search, it will give you these options...

QuickBooks Team

Re: Users Vs Licenses - QB Desktop Premier Upgrade 16 to 19

I'll be sure to help you straighten this out, mrscpa.


Proper training to our phone agents overseas are always reinforced to ensure they deliver good customer service. Because of the language barrier, we always accept feedback and suggestions to help us improve. I will forward your feedback to our support team management to avoid this situation from happening again.


I know that you've contacted us already. However, you'd have to call us again so we can check the status of the refund request on your account. Just follow the steps given by my colleague above.


I appreciate your patience on this. If you need someone to talk to about QuickBooks, please feel free to let me know.