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donations recieved not showing on donors record

We just switched over from the desktop version to quick books online. When we add a donation into the system it updated everywhere except the donor's record. I tried various ways to add the transaction and made sure it goes to the right account on the chart of accounts and transaction shows on other reports. It appears that report is driven by a receipt that is not generated by depositing the donation into the account even though we print a receipt for the donor.

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QuickBooks Team

Re: donations recieved not showing on donors record

Hi mentorteam,


The posting accounts of your donation are based on the account you assign to the items you use. So let's check the posting accounts of your donation, so you can correct them.


First, please open your donation transaction, and click on More at the bottom. Then, choose Transaction Journal to see the posting accounts.


Second, go to your list of items and edit the items you use on your donation transaction to see the accounts assigned to them. Please take note of the assigned account.

  1. Click the Gear icon and choose Product and Services.
  2. Edit the item you use on your donation transaction.
  3. Go to the Income account section and change it.

Third, change the assigned account and put a check in the option to affect historical data to your existing transactions will be updated as well.


Please go back to this thread if you have other questions.