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Warehouse Manager App for Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Solutions 18.0 and 19.0 includes the ability to use one of several Android Bluetooth Scanners for Advanced Inventory or a mobile device to aid in receiving items from purchase orders (v5) or picking the items ordered for shipment.
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Download the Warehouse Manager App

To get the app, select your device:

Below are links to view some options for purchasing a scanner:

The app can be installed on either an MC40 Barcode Scanner or on some Android phones. Android version 4.4 or later is required to run the Warehouse Manager App. When installed on one of the supported barcode scanners, the app can receive picklists, scan barcodes to match items in the picklists and send updated picklists back to Enterprise Solutions. When installed on an Android phone, the app can do all of the above except for scanning barcodes.

Step 1: How to setup the MC40 Barcode Scanner or Android Device

This device is designed for pick list barcode scanning only.

Set up the MC40 scanner and connect it to your wifi:

  1. Power on the scanner using the button on the top left corner of the scanner.
  2. Swipe upward on the screen to unlock the device.
  3. Touch the settings button on the bottom left of the screen.
  4. Click into the Security settings and enable the “Unknown sources" option.
  5. Click into the Wifi settings and connect the scanner to your company's wifi network (we'll need this to download and install the app and to allow it communicate with QuickBooks).

Install the App on the MC40 scanner:

  1. Type this URL into the phone or scanner’s browser: (this is case-sensitive).
  2. You may see a message that says We're sorry, this file format is not supported. Just click the Download button.
  3. Click the download complete notification to start the install. (If you see a message Install Blocked, touch the Settings button on the message or follow step 4 above).
  4. The QuickBooks Desktop Warehouse install screen will open.
  5. Select Install.
  6. Select Done when it says App Installed.

Install the App on an Android Phone:

  1. Visit the app's page in Google Play.
    • Make sure you sign in with the same Google account that you use for Google Play on your Android device.
  2. Click the green Install button.
  3. Select the device you wish to use. If the device is connected to the internet, the app should download and install shortly.

You’re now ready to go back to Enterprise Solutions and pair your device with QuickBooks.  (The pairing screen is located in the Preferences – Items and Inventory – Company Preferences – Advanced Inventory screen on the Site Operations tab.)

Step 2: Link the portable inventory scanner to QuickBooks

You are now ready to go back to Enterprise Solutions and pair your device with QuickBooks.  (The pairing screen is located in the Preferences – Items and Inventory – Company Preferences – Advanced Inventory screen on the Site Operations tab.)
Note: You should be signed in to QuickBooks already. However, if you are prompted to sign in, enter your Intuit credentials.

  1. In QuickBooks, open Company Preferences and select Advanced Inventory Settings.

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  1. On the Site Operation tab, select Add. You will be given a passcode.

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  1. On the Welcome screen of your device, select Let's get started.

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  1. On your device, enter the passcode that QuickBooks provided, then select Link.
  2. In QuickBooks, when you are prompted that a device is trying to connect to QuickBooks, select Yes to allow the scanner to link to QuickBooks.
  3. You'll see the scanner and its identification number in the list of devices in QuickBooks. On the scanner, you'll see a Success message indicating that the scanner is now linked to the QuickBooks company file.
  4. Select Next.

Note: The device may display "There are no users assigned to this company file".  This occurs if the company file does not have any Pickers, or and sales orders that have been sent for picking. 
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Step 3: Create a Picker in QuickBooks

In order for the warehouse manager to assign a Picker to a Picklist, the Picker must be created as a vendor. Anyone with the ability to create users in QuickBooks can create a Picker. This user will be a vendor with the Type field set as Warehouse user.

Note: If the Picker is an employee, you still need to make them a vendor in QuickBooks so you can assign a Picklist to them. In QuickBooks, Pickers can be both a vendor and an employee.

To add a picker to QuickBooks:

  1. Select Vendors > Vendor Center > New Vendor.
  2. In the Vendor name field, enter the name of the Picker.
  3. Click the Additional Info section.
    Select the Vendor Type dropdown menu.
    Select Warehouse user.

Now the Picker will be included in the list when the Warehouse Manager creates a Picklist and needs to assign a Picker. The names of all the Pickers added in QuickBooks will appear on the scanner.

Step 3: Create a Picklist and assign the Picker you created to it.

Note: To use the new sales order fulfillment flow and a mobile barcode scanner with QuickBooks, make sure you have the appropriate Advanced Inventory preference enabled (Preferences > Items and Inventory > Advanced Inventory Settings button > Site Operation tab > Sales Order Fulfillment Worksheet checkbox).

Note: Sales orders must be created in order to use the Sales Order Fulfillment worksheet, which will then allow you to create your Picklist.

To create a Picklist:
1. Select Customers > Sales Order Fulfillment Worksheet.
2. Select the order you want to fulfill and click Next.
3. The Items List window that you see includes all of the items on the sales order that are required for picking and the inventory details of those items.
4. Select the details for the Picklist.

On the scanner, check that you can access the Picklist:
1. Open the QuickBooks Warehouse app.
2. Select your name from the list.
3. Select the Picklist you just created.

Note: If you cannot see the Picker or the Picklist, you might need to refresh your view, close and reopen the Sales Order Fulfillment Worksheet. or Scan an item from the Picklist.

Disabling and re-enabling the scanner

If you are troubleshooting a scanner issue or lose the connection, you can disable and re-enable the connection.

To do this:
1. In QuickBooks, open Company Preferences and click Advanced Inventory Settings.
2. On the Site Operation tab, click Remove.
3. Click OK.

The device will display a message saying that the scanner has been disconnected from the company file. To enable the scanner again, follow the instructions above for Step 2: Link the MC40 portable inventory scanner to QuickBooks.