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Cancel client app subscriptions

Learn how to cancel a client's app subscription from QuickBooks Online Accountant.


Need to cancel a client's app? If you connected a client to an app through the QuickBooks Online Accountant Apps Program, you can cancel the client's subscription at any time.

To cancel a client's app subscription from QuickBooks Online Accountant, follow the steps in the following section.

Cancel a subscription

  1. From the left menu select Apps.

  2. Select the Client Apps tab.
  3. Select Manage discounted apps, and select Manage subscriptions.
  4. On the App Management Dashboard, select the client.
  5. In the Orders section, select the order to cancel.
  6. In the Order information window, select Cancel subscription. (Warning: Be sure to select Cancel Subscription, not Remove. Selecting Remove only deletes information from the order. It doesn't affect the subscription.)

After cancellation, the app still appears on the Client Apps tab, and the order is identified as Active until the end of the last paid month.

To check whether a cancellation request was successful, select the order number. Do you see Subscription has changed. This plan will be cancelled at the end of the contract? If so it's cancelled. If not cancel the app subscription again.

Charges and payment

Cancelling an app subscription doesn't automatically disable the app. It can still be accessed and used until the end of the paid period. Any usage incurred during the last paid month will be charged as usual. However, no monthly fees will be applied.

Refunds aren't issued — even if the client didn't use the app during the remainder of the paid period.