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Best credit card payment gateway?



What is recommended for accepting credit card payments?  (not on the spot, invoices will be emailed).  


As far as I can tell, only two options.  

Paypal: apparently integrated with QBO but the app has terrible reviews.  3.1% fees on visa/mastercard is quite expensive.  Can this be on charged to the client?  


Stripe: cheaper fees.  I can't see how this can link to QBO.  Is this possible?  If not, why not Intuit?  

Can definitely on charge to client.  Works like a dream in Xero.  Can this be used?  


Any other options or opinions would be greatly appreciated.  




QuickBooks Team

Re: Best credit card payment gateway?

Hello Chris!


Accepting credit card payments are really helpful to increase sales.


We're partnering with PayPal to allow your clients to pay your invoices through it. However, we also support integrations with different applications that you can use as alternatives. Some of them are acting as a mediator app that transfers data from a payment platform to QuickBooks Online. I've seen a few that offers connection to Stripe, you might want to check it.

  1. Click on the Apps menu.
  2. Click the Browse category drop-down list.
  3. Expand the Get Paid section and choose Receive payments.

Regarding the processing fee, you can ask payment platform if it has an option to charge it to your customers. 


We're always around to help you out.

Experienced Member

Re: Best credit card payment gateway?

Have you tried Intuit payment option?  The fees are similar to others. It integrates well with QBO and desktop.  I consider fees as cost of doing business while collecting AR in a timely manner.

 Square is another option.