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Learn about user types and permissions in QuickBooks Online

Learn the different user types and levels of access in QuickBooks Online.

QuickBooks makes it easy to work with the people who matter in your business. You can give your employees specific access to transactions, reports, and other features. You can also add your accountant as a QuickBooks user so you can collaborate seamlessly.

Start by learning what each user can and can't do in QuickBooks. Next, give people the access they need.

Master admin

The master admin can see and do everything in QuickBooks. This includes adding users, sending money, and changing billing info. We also send billing reminders to this user's email only.

There's only one master admin. It's typically the person who created the QuickBooks company. But this user type is ideal for the business owner or the person who has the most say in managing business finances.

No one can delete or change the master admin's access. If there should be a new master admin, the current one can transfer the role.

Company admin

A company admin can also see and do everything, except editing or removing the master admin's access.

You can add multiple admins, but not everyone should be an admin.

Accounting firms

If you want to work with your accountant, you can invite their accounting firm to your QuickBooks company. Your accountant will have admin-level access so you can collaborate seamlessly.

Standard user

You can set how much access you want this user to have, without giving them admin rights.

You can let them see and do everything with Customers and Sales, or Suppliers and Expenses (or both). You can even let them enter timesheets, add users, update company info, or manage subscriptions.

Note: QuickBooks Online mobile app for iOS and Android doesn't support standard users at this time.

Learn what a standard user can and can't do

Here’s a detailed look at what the user can and can’t do, depending on the level of their access.

Reports only user (read-only access)

They can see all reports, except the Audit log and those that show contact info. They can also create custom reports and add report groups. But they can’t view the actual transactions.

Time tracking only user

You can invite your employees or suppliers as time tracking only users so they can log their timesheets. They can only see their timesheets and time reports, and can’t see other QuickBooks areas.

User types available in your QuickBooks plan

Here are the user types you can set up, depending on your QuickBooks plan. You can check which plan you have.

  • EasyStart plan only has a master admin.
  • Essentials plan has master admin, company admin, standard, and time tracking only user types.
  • Plus plan has master admin, company admin, standard, reports only, and time tracking only user types.
  • You can invite 2 accounting firms in all QuickBooks Online plans.

Note: Reports only and time tracking only user types don't count towards your user limit.