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Uploaded receipts missing

I have just uploaded expense receipts for the last quarter after which I have completed the review of my bank statement transactions. I have noticed that even after several days there are a number of expense receipts that I have uploaded via the mobile app which are either not being matched to my transactions, or worse still, are not appearing at all (e.g. receipts for expenses that were paid for using cash).


How can I review all the expensee receipts that I have uploaded and manually enter or match these to my transactions?

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QuickBooks Team

Re: Uploaded receipts missing

Hey Confusedas, that sounds unusual. You can try exporting all your transactions from the reports list (found in settings), and download them to your computer. This way you can confirm all the receipts that you have uploaded using the mobile app.


If you needed more specific advice to your company, try reaching out to the support team. You can do this by speaking to the assistant (in app), and ask to speak to a human. Alternatively, you can message the team here: .


I hope this helps!