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How to print cheques

You can print your cheques directly from QuickBooks Online.

Print cheques

To print cheques:

  1. Select the Plus icon (+) on the Toolbar.

  2. Under Suppliers, select Print Cheques.

  3. Load your cheques into the printer.
    If you need to purchase cheques and supplies, go to IntuitMarket.
  4. Select the Bank Account containing the cheques to print.
  5. In the Starting cheque no. field, enter the number of the first cheque in the printer.
    Avoid special characters such as % or #.
  6. If you have a large number of cheques, filter the list using the options on the Sort by drop-down menu or the Show drop-down menu to specify the cheques to display and how to sort them.
    For example, the Sort by Date/Payee option sorts cheques first by date and then by payee within the same date, and the Show bill payment cheques option displays only cheques used to pay bills.
  7. Select the cheques to print.
  8. Select Preview and print.

  9. Follow the instructions in the Preview printing cheques window.
  10. Respond to the Did cheques print OK? prompt.

You can mark cheques for printing by selecting To print when you enter transactions from the Cheque or Pay Bills page.

Print a partial page of one or two cheques

If you use standard cheques, which come three to a page, you may sometimes have a page with one or two cheques left over after printing a batch of cheques.

To print a partial page of one or two cheques:

  1. From the left menu, select Expenses.

  2. On the Expenses tab, select Print Cheques.

  3. From the On first page print drop-down list, select1 or 2, depending on the number of cheques you have.
    By default, this is set to 3 to print a full page of 3 cheques.
  4. Select Print.

To prevent wasted cheques and paper jams, you can attach a reusable Intuit Forms Leader to easily print one or two leftover cheques, then select 1 or 2 from the On first page print drop-down list, and select Print.

Print voucher cheques without the voucher portion

If you have voucher cheques, but you only want to print the cheque, not the voucher portion, you must change the cheque type to Standard and print one cheque at a time:

  1. From the left menu, select Expenses.

  2. On the Expenses tab, select Print Cheques.

  3. In the Alignment and Setup section, select Standard cheques.
  4. In the On first page print field, select from the drop-down list.
  5. Select the cheque to print.

  6. Select Print.

Follow these steps for each cheque you want to print without printing the voucher part of the cheque.