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Kat Gordon Is 2018 Visionary of the Year (and You’ll Find Her Here in QB Community)!

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Three cheers for Kat Gordon! Kat is an ad woman, a rock-star entrepreneur and the visionary behind the 3% Conference aimed at moving the needle for women in advertising. Kat’s commitment to bringing in more female creative directors has now earned her the prestigious 2018 Visionary/Founder of the Year award from Ad Age. Specifically, Kat has been recognized for introducing “3% Certification,” a program to help advertising agencies assess and improve their own “gender friendliness.”


We love Kat’s dedication to shaking things up in her own industry. Back in 2010, she was frustrated (to say the least) by the fact that although women control 80% of all consumer spending power, only three percent of advertising creative directors are women (and even fewer are people of color).

When Kat started talking, people started listening – and taking action. Today, thanks to Kat and her hard-working team, the needle is moving, with the percentage of women creative directors up from 3% to 11% at last count. And what started as an annual, two-day 3% Conference in New York has expanded to include conferences across the country, one-day “MiniCons” around the world, a live Super Bowl Tweetup, a student scholarship fund and more.  

After receiving the award, Kat shared her thoughts with QB Community:

"It's so gratifying to see the work that 3% has been doing, year after year, be recognized as changing the face of our industry. The Advertising Age Visionary/Founder of the Year award was awarded to 3% in recognition of our Certification program we launched within the last two years to enable agencies to assess their own progress around diversity.

“If I've learned anything from being a small business owner, it's that you have to be continually adapting and evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of your market. Our goal is to have 3% Certified become the de facto standard by which all agencies are measured for inclusive creative cultures." 

Thanks for the inspiration, Kat!

You can read more about Kat, the conference and her life as a busy entrepreneur here. And find out how she forged an important friendship at QuickBooks Connect with our own Julie Gordon White!)

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That's awesome! It wonderful to see her shakeup efforts recognized by the industry establishment. Congratulations, Kat!!