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You Said It! Q & A with Community Member Steve Chase

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What’s on your mind right now? We know folks who work for themselves have plenty to say about the business of doing business. That’s why we want to share your insights, ideas and best practices (confession: we might just ask you about your biggest “uh-oh” moments, too!). Today, we’re spending a few minutes with Steve Chase, a QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor and founder of Sequentia Solutions. Steve is an active and supportive member in our QuickBooks Community. His super power? Getting -- and keeping -- clients. Steve tells us how he approaches customer acquisition and retention -- a topic we can’t get enough of here in our QB Community.

Steve, what’s you favorite way to turn a one-time customer into a repeat client? A magic lasso? A sticky web? Or something else?

Something else! Your first sale is always the hardest. I recommend offering a low-priced product that gives customers tremendous value and helps solve an immediate problem or address a pain-point. Once a client makes the first purchase, you can nurture the relationship and help it naturally lead the next investment in your core product or service offering.

To be clear: The initial purchase may be low-cost, but it shouldn’t be something just thrown together. Instead, it should be highly attractive, something they would gladly share with friends.

After making your first sale, your job is to continue developing trust by giving away high-quality bonus content. By doing so, you increase your chances of converting a one-time steve2.pngpurchase into repeat sales of your higher-end products or services. Offering a money-back-guarantee also ensures a greater likelihood of customer conversion.

How do you reward your regular customers or clients? An exclusive offer on Kryptonite, perhaps?

Kryptonite aside, I think one of the most powerful ways to positively influence potential customers is to send a handwritten thank-you note. Writing a personal note takes conscious planning, effort and thought. It shows people you’ve chosen to spend your precious time reaching out to them, and that makes clients feel appreciated. Most successful business owners know there’s a large number of people who helped them grow their business, and it pays to thank them for their support. Of course, it’s important to deliver more than you promised by giving customers bonus content or additional discounts, too.

“Mirror, mirror, on the wall…” Steve, did you use a magic mirror to figure out who your ideal client is?

Not quite. I completed Marie Forleo’s B-School and used written exercises to help me define my ideal client “avatar.” I wrote several paragraphs about how “Susan” (yes, I gave my customer a name!) felt about owning and operating her business and what fears she faces. I answered questions about why Susan would choose to work with me. I identified her specific characteristics including age, annual income, favorite books, movies, restaurants, activities and core beliefs, as well as favorite blogs and podcasts. As a result, I know exactly who I’m speaking to when I create a video or blog post. As Marie Forleo says, "If you are talking to everyone, then you're talking to no one.”

What's been most helpful when it comes to growing your customer base at a rate that’s (almost) faster than a speeding bullet?

Taking Gallup's Strengths Finder 2.0 assessment was one of the most helpful things I did. I took the assessment the first Monday morning after deciding to take "the leap" and start Sequentia Solutions. My top strength was “learner,” which was an epiphany. It validated what I knew deep inside but had never pinpointed as my top strength. Now I use this quality to help clients when they feel overwhelmed by technology overload. It's a win-win situation for both of us: I have the opportunity to learn new material that in turn allows me to help a client grow their business. The Gallup experience is helping me the skills I need to become an expert in my field. 

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@SteveChase Thanks for the tip about the Gallup Strengths Finder. I'm going to check it out. I love that you're leveraging that information to help your business grow!


@WillowOlder Once you find out your top 5 Strengths it can give you an advantage and new light into doing valuable work. Gallup has a great Youtube channel dedicated to deep dives of each theme. 

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What great tips for getting your first customer, turning them into repeat customers, which will certainly grow your customer base!