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Annual VAT scheme - Unable to authorise connection between QB and my MTD account

Hello. For the last 3 weeks we've found it impossible to connect our QB online with our HMRC MTD account. Today my partner spent some time on the phone to Quickbooks support regarding the connection issues, only to discover a more fundamental issue. Apparently QB does not support ANNUAL submissions to HMRC at this time using the digital tax system!?!


Previously we've submitted yearly tax returns manually, but this is no longer an option due to the whole MTD changes.


This is obviously a big problem for us if true. The support chap told my partner that bridging software wouldn't work and that our best bet is to chop our yearly return into quarters and submit them. However, that means we'd have to get HMRC to adjust the date range(s) they're expecting to see as our submissions may get rejected otherwise.


Any advice / solutions would be gratefully received.

QuickBooks Team

Re: Annual VAT scheme - Unable to authorise connection between QB and my MTD account

Hi @jubella,


Let me help you out with your question.


I assume you're already aware of an ongoing investigation with the connection between QuickBooks Online (QBO) and MTD accounts.


With regards to your second concern, what the previous support representative told you is correct. At this time, QBO doesn't support the option to submit an annual VAT return. The workaround has been provided by the phone support representative as well, and that's to divide your VAT returns into quarters.


Please leave a comment below if you have any other questions.