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Banking Error 101

I am getting this message on a number of my clients accounts since yesterday. Is this a known problem? Is anybody else affected? Does anybody have a resolution? thanks

"We can't get your transactions for you right now, but we're working on it

We're fixing our connection to this bank as quickly as possible. Try updating again tomorrow.(101)"
QuickBooks Team

Re: Banking Error 101

Hi DeniseF,


I can check here about error 101, but I'd like to know the name of the bank so I can confirm if it's the issue they're experiencing.


Error 101 is one of the script errors that your clients can directly report to our engineers. They can click the Report this issue link within the error message, and our engineers will get in touch with them. The waiting time is 2-3 business days although many are resolved within 24-48 hours.


If they don't see the link, they get in touch with our Chat or Phone agents to check this further. You can share them these steps:

  1. Click on Help in the upper right hand corner.
  2. Choose Contact us.
  3. Write a short description of the issue and click on Let's talk.
  4. Choose from Chat or Get a callback.


Feel free to go back to this thread if your have more questions.