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Bulk Send Estimates

We want to send Estimates (renamed Pro-Forma Invoices) with attachments, to whole Classes of Customers. Is this possible without going through one by one?

Community Manager

Re: Bulk Send Estimates

Hello EdSanderson,


I can help you send batch invoices. Here's how:

  1. Go to Sales.
  2. In the Invoices tab, select the invoices.
  3. Click on Batch actions.
  4. Select Send transactions
  5. Enter the customer email address.
  6. Click on Send.

For now, sending multiple invoices to a class or batch of customers isn't available. I'll take note of it as a product suggestion, and I'll personally send it to our product developers. 


If you have any questions, please let us know. We'll be right here to help. 

Community Explorer **

Re: Bulk Send Estimates

Obviously sending invoices or "Estimates" (pro=forma invoices requesting payments) one by one is already available as you have outlined.

It seems to me that many users could find this multiple send option VERY useful. For example any Club, or School or Association, where annual or termly, or monthly subscriptions have to be sent - possibly grouped by Class or location - where they need to include attachments. Otherwise each invoice has to have all the attachments added for EACH invoice and then sent one by one.

We need to send to 10 different schools with a total of approx 1,500 parents/students. Presently we find it easier to process thru EXCEL/WORD, and then later have to handle (and duplicate) the loading into QBO. The feature needs to be available to the Invoice and the Estimates processes, as we send out "Pro-Forma" invoices to our clients (using the Estimates QBO process), so that we only account for the Sales VAT on customers who eventually use our service. If we issued invoices immediately, the VAT is accountable immediately, and any declines have to be corrected using credit notes.

QuickBooks Team

Re: Bulk Send Estimates

Hello Ed


Thank you for your reply. We do not have a way to group by class/location and then batch send out the pro forma but it is worth  adding feedback for our engineers here so we can look at whether this feature can be added to the product


Kind regards