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Conversion from Quicken 2007 Mac to Quickbooks 2019 Mac



I am currently using Quickbooks 2001 Pro. Obviously this version is quite outdated and we need to upgrade to a newer version. I want to make sure we can access our sales history as this is essential to our business.


I have read that I need to use Quickbooks 2006 or 2007 in order to upgrade my data. I found a trial copy of Quickbooks 2012; however, it reported that the data is too old and must be converted. It gave a link of, which is now no longer available.


I found the UK version of Quickbooks 2006 here:


I downloaded that version and was informed that as my company file is not from the UK version of Quickbooks, I cannot upgrade using that version.


Does anyone have a link to the conversion kit or a copy of the Canadian version of Quickbooks 2006 or 2007?



QuickBooks Team

Re: Conversion from Quicken 2007 Mac to Quickbooks 2019 Mac

Hi nathan6,


It's awesome to hear that you want to continue using QuickBooks Desktop and I appreciate the importance of making sure the data from your company file makes the move with you as you upgrade. I'll do what I can to lend a hand.


For a version of QuickBooks Desktop as old as yours, get in touch with our phone support team so we can have our Data Services department help you make the upgrade. You're right that you'd need to step up through the versions, but we don't have a customer-facing tool that will get you through it or links to products older than 2017 at this time. Data Services agents can take care of the work for you and then return your company file to you so that you can get back to business.


It's also important to note that QuickBooks Desktop for Canada now only works on Windows. If you'd like to continue using your Mac, you can consider the Boot Camp utility that's available on newer Macs or a program like Parallel, which would essentially run a virtual version of Windows on your computer. Learn more about the options in this article: Is there a CA version of QuickBooks Desktop for Mac?


If you have more questions or would like to get started with upgrading to QuickBooks Desktop 2019, give us a call at 1-877-772-9158. Desktop Pro agents are available 24 hours a day for your convenience. Learn more about our support policies here: Intuit QuickBooks Desktop software support policies


Enjoy your weekend!

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Re: Conversion from Quicken 2007 Mac to Quickbooks 2019 Mac

Hi Laura,


Thanks for your reply. I had originally titled the question "Quickbooks Conversion Kit" but it appears the system renamed it automatically. Not sure why it would do that. Just to clarify, I am using Quickbooks Pro 2001 on Windows, not on Mac.


I had already called Intuit's sales team and they transferred me to the data department, who told me that they wouldn't be able to update a file that old. I did manage to find a link on Intuit's website to the 2007 version along with a trial license key. If I am allowed, I can post it here in case it would help others trying to do the same thing.


I'm currently in the process of converting my company file. It's stuck on "Updating Lists" but I'm hoping that it'll eventually continue. There is 20 years of data so it could take a while.


Enjoy your weekend as well!

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Re: Conversion from Quicken 2007 Mac to Quickbooks 2019 Mac

QB does not have a version for Mac and Quicken cannot be converted to Quickbooks.


That being said, the QB platform changed with the 2010 Edition. You must first convert your QB Desktop Canadian Edition for Windows to QB 2010. Then you can update to QB 2019.