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Invoice in customer's language?

I'm using QB2014 Desktop in English. I have a customer who is French Canadian. I want to print my invoice in French for them. How do I do that?


Note I don't need to use QB2014 in French, just have the field labels appear in French on the printed or PDF version of the invoice.

QuickBooks Team

Re: Invoice in customer's language?

Glad to have you here, historyfiend.


At the moment, we have no option to change the language of the invoice form to French.


Please let us know if you have other questions.

Community Backer ***

Re: Invoice in customer's language?

You can create a French version of the Invoice Template:

1. Go to Lists>Templates>Manage Templates, select the English Invoice Template you are using and create a copy by clicking the copy tab at the bottom left side of the window. In the right side Preview Pane, name the copy French Invoice (or something that makes it easy for you to identify. Click OK.


2. When the next screen opens, select Additional Customization. The Header tab is where you change the Column Labels. For instance: the default title is displayed as Invoice. Overwrite to Facture. Go down the list and make all the changes required. Then move to the Columns tab and the other tabs making the required changes. When done, click the Print Preview tab to make sure all the necessary changes have been applied.


Next time you invoice your French customer, select the French Invoice Template.