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Not Specified amount on Sales by Customer Report

Data for this company was migrated from desktop to online in December. It appears that the journal entries for the VAT return filings from before the migration are showing up as a negative figure on the Sales by Customer Report. They appear as a Not Specified amount. Any ideas why this may be or how it can be rectified?


Many thanks

QuickBooks Team

Re: Not Specified amount on Sales by Customer Report

Hello there, @aa1745,


QuickBooks Online will not calculate the VAT if there was an adjustment made from QuickBooks Desktop.


I suggest running these reports on an Accrual basis for All Dates when checking balances from QBDT. This is to ensure an accurate balance are shown and confirm the accuracy of the data migration.

  • Balance Sheet
  • Trial Balance
  • Customer Balance Summary
  • Supplier Balance Summary
  • VAT Summary 

You can also read through this article for your guidance with the information I shared above: Post conversion checks for getting started with QuickBooks Online.


Should you have follow-up questions, please let me know. I'm always around whenever you need help.