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Problems submitting an EPS (Quickbooks Online UK)



I am having problems in Quickbooks submitting an EPS.


Just to mention, as this is not a usual submission :-(


Having spoken to HMRC today because of another query, it turns out that I submitted an FPS through Quickbooks last month when I should have submitted an EPS.


On the advice of my accountant, I entered "0" for both directors wages on the summary screen, which in turn generated the "FPS" submission for April, which I submitted and that went through as a zero payment.


However, HMRC says I shouldn't have done this, and that I need to submit an EPS instead.


Now... all ok so far, but...


I had to "delete" the April payroll, since there was no way in Quickbooks to change the submitted FPS report already sent (sounds logical I suppose) and I couldn't delete it.  So I had to delete the payroll, which then automatically deleted the FPS report entry.  So far so good


Now, even better!  a new EPS entry pops up for submission for April.  When I select it and try to submit it, I am told that I can submit this when I submit payroll!!??  What?  I can't submit payroll since I haven't paid anyone?


Anyway, so I go to Payroll and submit it and remove the toggles for both of us.  That submits and says no payslips.  All good.  I can now submit the EPS but...


Now a new FPS pops up saying overdue for that same period that I have just submitted an EPS for.  I try to delete it but it just comes back.


I delete the Payroll for April again, and now it deletes both the FPS and the EPS submission that had gone through, and is now back to the beginning :-(


In the end, I managed to download the HMRC Basic PAYE Tools, and I have submitted my EPS through there, so as far as HMRC are concerned they are happy (I think!).


But, Quickbooks is still insisting on me doing something with Payroll for April.


How can I tell payroll that I have NOT paid anyone any salary in April and that I have now submitted my EPS manually, and to stop harassing me lol


I just want to record zero payroll (for accounting purposes) but no payroll for HMRC EPS purposes.


Hopefully someone can help me please?


Thank you


QuickBooks Team

Re: Problems submitting an EPS (Quickbooks Online UK)

Hi @pezza,


Let me lend you a helping hand on this question.


You have the option to delete that EPS notification. Let me show you how:

  1. Click the Taxes tab.
  2. Click the Payroll Tax tab.
  3. Look for the EPS submission, then delete it by clicking the trash can icon.

Once done, you may visit this page for future reference: Employees and Payroll for QuickBooks Online.


Leave a comment below if you have any other questions.