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QBSE HSBC Direct feeds

Firstly why are all instructions and help files never applicable to QBSE? the instructions for setting up a direct feed start with "select banking from the left hand menu". QBSE does not have a banking menu on the  left. So that's annoying for a start, as the instructions "never" apply to SE.

That said I figured it out. I already have HSBC business account connected but there is no option to add Direct Feed. SEE PIC.  I tried to link a new account BUT despite whatever HSBC i selected no option ever comes up for direct feed (it does with rbs,). So simple question...


How do I set up a direct feed with my HCBC business banking using QB SE ??

QuickBooks Team

Re: QBSE HSBC Direct feeds

Hi Dave


On community we do have a number of sections for small business and self employed with associated tags to assist you navigating.


Direct Feeds are not currently available with the Self Employed Product, the products are developing on a regular basis and to assist in the development we would encourage you to leave feedback.


We have enclosed a link to enable you to leave feedback here.



Community Explorer **

Re: QBSE HSBC Direct feeds

So SE does not allow direct feeds? This is never made clear in the instructions about direct feeds. But the direct feed option does show up for RBS ?? in QBSE see attached. So it seems a little contradictory. see pic


QuickBooks Team

Re: QBSE HSBC Direct feeds

Hello Dave,


Can you please send us a screenshot of the full page including URL so we can check this information on our side. When I have attempted to set up RBS within QBSE we don't see the same option.