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Submit a VAT return to HMRC - MTD for small businesses


I spoke to Megan on Friday 12th April (Case ref [removed]), who said she was unable to help me as many clients had been having the same problem, that another team were on the case and that someone would email me back as soon as the problem had been solved.


I then received the following email this evening, from Megan:

On Tuesday, 16 April 2019, 18:20:23 BST, [email address removed] <[email address removed]> wrote:
Hello Maggy,
The investigation we had open for you is now closed so you should receive no further issues, If you need any more assistance i have recorded the contact links before

For general information you can find knowledge on out community page at If you can't find your answer here or wish for faster support simply give us another call on our dedicated Helpline ([removed]) Open 8am-8pm Monday to Friday.
Kind regards,
Megan | QuickBooks Online Care Team Intuit | Powering Prosperity Around The World
1 Cathedral Piazza, Victoria, London SW1E 5BP,


But my issue hasn't been resolved, so I sent Megan the following email this evening:


Hello Megan
When I spoke to you on Friday 12th April, you said other clients were having the same problem as me, namely I submitted my VAT Return which was not accepted by HMRC, and indeed still says 'Pending' on my 'Taxes' page in Quickbooks.
You then told me that your team would look into this problem, and then email me the solution.
I have had no further communication from Quickbooks until your email below.
I don't think the issue has been addressed, so I would ask you once again to have a look at this for me, and either tell me what is wrong or what I have done wrong.
I shall be at home from 11am to 5pm tomorrow (Wednesday 17th April) should you need to call me on 07787 552593.
Thanks for your assistance.
Kind regards
Could someone please re-open my case, as I desperately need to send my VAT Return off to HMRC and sort this out!
Thank you
Maggy Chapman
QuickBooks Team

Re: Submit a VAT return to HMRC - MTD for small businesses

Hi Queenstown,


I appreciate you for getting back to us here in the Community. Allow me to step in and provide additional assistance with your concern about the VAT return in QuickBooks Online.


I've checked here and still found some reports from other users concerning submitting VAT return within the program. Our product engineers treated this issue with high priority to ensure you'll be able to send the return on time.


Since it's still showing as Pending on your end, I recommend one of our Support Specialists again. You can directly provide your existing case number to avoid explaining the problem all over again.


Here's how you can reach them:


  1. Log into your QuickBooks account.
  2. Click the Help option in the upper-right corner.
  3. Click Contact us.

Please keep in touch with me here for any follow up questions or concerns about submitting returns. I'll keep an eye out on your response.