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3 businesses

We are using QuickBooks Self-Employed

1.  Personal

2.  Ferrys Ourdoor Adventures (Alaska Fishing)

3.  Farm  (Sale of cows & sheep)

4.  Rental House


How can I track all of these of QuickBooks?

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QuickBooks Team

Re: 3 businesses

Glad to have you here, @cordellferry.
I want to share information on how QuickBooks Self-Employed handles tracking of multiple businesses.
If I may ask, are you filling separate 1040 form or Schedule C for each separate Self-Employed businesses? If so, please know that each QuickBooks Self-Employed account may only be used to support one self-employed individual or self-employed business and can only generate one Schedule C.
On the other hand, only transactions related to your self-employed job or business will be categorized under Business and included on the calculations of your estimated taxes. While you can record and categorize your personal transactions as Personal Income and Expenses.
For additional insights, you may check out these articles:
Keep in touch with us here in the Community if you have other questions about tracking multiple jobs or businesses in QuickBooks Self-Employed. I’ll be around to answer all your inquiries.