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Accessing Community Discussion

Greetings. Every time I click on a link to look at a QuickBooks Q&A from a Google search I get to the page to Join the Conversation - but it doesn't let me use my ID. See attached screen shot. Can you tell me what I need to do to access these discussions? Thanks


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Re: Accessing Community Discussion

You successfully used your ID to ask this question. It is all the same site. Now that you are here can't you click on any internal navigation tabs?

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Re: Accessing Community Discussion

When I'm searching in Google to ask the question - I can only get to that Join the Discussion page and cannot use my ID to access the Discussion

QuickBooks Team

Re: Accessing Community Discussion

Thanks for getting back, Cohen Simon Accounting


Let's try to Sign out and then retrieve your Community account by clicking on Can't access your account? link on the sign in page. Continue by following the on-screen instructions until you've successfully retrieved your account. 


Let me know how this worked. I'm around to assist you.