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Adjusting off AP paid by credit card

I work for a company where every month they do a month end closing and then you can no longer edit the transactions that existed prior to the data being locked. I have a slew of bills that were entered erroneously by my predecessor that should not have been, as they were paid with a credit card which is handled with a journal entry at the end of the month. I cannot delete or void these bills, or the credit memos since they are locked and the closing password is needed and this is not allowed by my employer. What is the best way to handle these and get them off of my unpaid bills report? Should I create a fake credit memo to apply them against, or in the case of the credit memo, create a fake bill?

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Re: Adjusting off AP paid by credit card

YES - code the offsetting CM / bill to the same account that was used on the error entries.
Then 'pay bills' and apply the new CM to the old bill